Job Opportunities


If you feel doubtful about the development approach in the past, would you like to try the most cutting-edge technologies of our Company? Our Company conducts internal agile development via entrusted projects. We are equipped with Object Oriented Technologies and Agile Technologies, which can hardly be found in other companies, as the advantageous environment for system development.
Presently, increasing demands for agile development technologies have been put forward by customers. We also carry out consultations and trainings based on practical experience. In our Company, there are plenty of opportunities to get contact with the most advanced technologies abroad, not limited to agile technologies only. If you are interested in the latest technologies, we shall sincerely look forward to your arrival.

Job Descriptions

Job Type Agiler
Work Content
  • Conduct system development with agile software development methods
  • Customer negotiate, proposal, requirement definition, design, project management before development
  • Customer project support and consultation
  • Development technology training
Job Requirements
  • Obtaining the management experience in system development projects with Object Oriented Technologies
  • Specialized school, university degree or above, more than five years of work experience
  • TOEIC score > 600 or English Test Level 2

Application Matters / Application Methods

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Recruitment Consultation

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